Friday, 18 January 2019

Friday, Jan. 18

C. skills p. 33 due Mon.
Novel  Chapter 15 due Mon.
Math workbook p. 30-32 due Mon

Long Term Assignments:
Current Events Feb. 4
Winter Booklet Feb 8

Boys away game at Cloverdale Catholic on Monday.
Girls practice Monday after-school.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Thursday, Jan. 17

Star Student: Paul due tom.
Math: p. 125 #2-6c due tom.
C. Skills p. 33 due Mon.
Religion Test tom.
Novel chapter 15 due Mon
Spelling test and work tomorrow

Long Term Assignments:Current Events Feb. 4
Winter Booklet Feb. 8

William will provide lunch tomorrow for his birthday
Boys basketball practice after-school tomorrow

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tuesday, Jan. 15

Spelling lesson 14 due Friday
Socials sheets due Friday
Novel Chaper 14 due Thursday
Math correct test, parent sign and return to school.

RemindersNo Cherington Place this month due to flu.
Current Events due Feb. 4
Winter Booklet Feb. 8th
Basketball games after-school today for both boys and girls.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Monday, Jan. 14

Spelling lesson 14 due Friday
C. Skills p. 31 & 32 due tom.
Novel chapter 14 due Thursday
Math corrections of chapter 3 test and returned to school and signed by parent.
Science sheet on the jobs/functions of the digestive system.

Long Term Assignments:
C. Events due Feb. 4
Winter Booklet due Feb. 8th

No Cherington Place this week due to the flu going around.
Kaitlin will bring lunch on Wednesday and William on Friday for their birthdays.
Boys and Girls have home games tomorrow after-school.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Thursday, Jan. 10

Math Test on Monday chapter 3
Science due Monday
C. Skills p. 31 & 32 due Tuesday
C. Events due Feb. 4
Winter Booklet due Feb. 8th

No School tomorrow due to PRO-D.
Cherington Place notices to come back to school for students numbered 16-30. Drivers are still needed and hours will be given.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Wed. Jan 9, 2019

Spelling: Proofreading and Language Connections due tom.
Math: test on Monday chapter 3. Please make sure they review for test.
Star Student due tom.- Nicholas
C. Events due Feb. 4
Winter Booklet Feb. 8th.

Fun Friday notice and $2 due tom. This is not a mandatory event.
Thursday is Spirit Day: Student can wear PJ's and Wacky Hair Day.$1 per Thursday or $5 for all Spirit Days.
Thursday Lunch- Basketball practice for girls. Girl's Tournament is March 1.
Cherington Place notices for students numbered 16-30 need to be returned to school. We are also in need of drivers. So far we have none.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

JAN. 8TH, 2019

Math: review for test on Monday
Current Events: Due Feb. 4th
Winter Booklet due Feb. 8th
Spelling: Proofreading and Language Connections, due Thurs:
Novel: From Anna Chapter 12 due tom.
Star Student: Nicholas due Thursday

Cherington Place field-trip notice due this week. Drivers will be needed and given hours.
Fun Friday notice to be returned if they want to participate with $2.
Thursday Spirit Day:  PJ day
Thursday basketball practice at lunch for girls.
Friday NO SCHOOL for students.